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The Gun Log Blog contains tutorials and information on the features and benefits of the Gun Log App. There is no need to wonder what the app can do because there is a tutorial on every feature.

The Gun Log App does not transmit, share, or use any of your data for any purpose. It is your data, it is on your iOS device and any backups that you make.

Gun Log


This is a photo of our very own pistol. Copyright Slinkworks, LLC 2014.

Weapon information includes:

  1. Make (A “make picker” is included so you don’t have to type the info)

  2. Model

  3. Caliber (A “caliber picker” is included)

  4. Configurations (such as Factory Setup or maybe a custom setup with a target barrel or a scope)

  5. Maintenance History

  6. Purchase Information

Ammunition information includes:

  1. Make (Used for factory ammo, such as Winchester White Box)

  2. Caliber

  3. Type

  4. Bullet Weight

  5. Average Velocity

  6. Price

  7. Bullet (Make of bullet for hand loads)

  8. Powder

  9. Grains of Powder

  10. Primer Type

  11. Case

  12. Overall Length

Firing Session information includes:

  1. Location or Event

  2. Date

  3. Notes

  4. Firing Sets (A firing set is a set of rounds fired at a target)

Firing Set information includes:

  1. Weapon (A “weapon picker” is included)

  2. Weapon Configuration (A “weapon configuration picker” is included)

  3. Ammo (An “ammo picker” is included)

  4. Distance to target

  5. Firing Method (Such as slow fire, rapid fire, or others)

  6. Firing Stance (Such as prone, isosceles, Weaver, or others)

  7. Group Size

  8. Target Number (Used for reference if you keep your targets on file)

  9. Rounds fired

  10. Failures

  11. Point of Impact

  12. Point of Aim

  13. Wind Direction

Failure information includes:

  1. Failure Type (A “failure picker” is included. Failures such as fail to feed, double feed, and more)

  2. Failure Cause

  3. Notes

Reports include:

  1. Failures by Weapon

  2. Firing Sets by Weapon

  3. Firing Sets for Accuracy by Weapon (Sorts firing sets by POI distance)

  4. Firing Sets for Grouping by Weapon (Sorts firing sets by Group size)

  5. Firing Sets by Ammunition