Gun Log SPC


The Gun Log SPC Blog contains tutorials and information on the features and benefits of the Gun Log SPC App.

Gun Log SPC


Gun Log SPC stores weapon inventory, ammunition inventory, and shooting results with the ability to export your information through copy/paste, email, or printing.


The iOS device passcode is recommended to fully secure your device.

Gun Log SPC has a passcode that is enabled in the iOS device Settings. Don't forget your passcode or you will be locked out and customer support can not get you past the passcode.


Make, Model, Caliber, Photo, Purchase Information, Multiple Configurations, and more!

Weapon Configurations:

Each weapon can have multiple setups called configurations. You can specify different optics, barrels, or even caliber changes!

Weapon Maintenance:

You can store detailed information about weapon maintenance. You can quickly specify a "Quick Clean" or "Field Strip" and if you "Replaced Parts"!


Make, Caliber, Type, Number of Rounds, Bullet Weight, Ballistic Coefficient, Bullet Make, Powder Type, Muzzle Velocity, Overall Length, and more!


A session is like a "day at the range". While you are at a session you may shoot several weapons or use several different types of ammo. Each of these differences is what makes up a "Firing Set".

Firing Sets:

Weapon Used, Configuration Used, Ammo used, Firing Method [Rapid fire, double tap, etc...], Firing Stance [Prone, Standing, etc...], Rounds Fired, Group Size, Failures Records,Take photograph of target, Calculate Bullet Drop, and more!


Accessory information can be logged. A description, the serial number, notes, a photo, and purchase information can be stored.


Failures, Firing Sets, Rounds Fired, Drop Tables, and many other reports.

Rounds Count by Caliber reports the total rounds for each caliber round you have entered. This is essential for tracking inventory.

Bullet Drop Estimator:

Given a weapon, a weapon configuration, and an ammunition you can calculate a table showing the estimated vertical position and time of flight. This estimation uses G1 ballistic coefficient and assumes altitude and other common variables. This will give you enough information to get you on "paper" and help you get your weapon sighted in quickly.


Store photos of your weapon, accessories, various weapon setups called "configurations", and your targets - the proof is in the picture.


iTunes File Sharing is enabled. Through iTunes you can save the Gun Log SPC's database for personal backups. The Gun Log  SPC database is called Shooting_Buddy and you will see it in iTunes.

(WARNING: Do not modify the database outside of Gun Log SPC. Such actions are not tested and are not supported. The schema and design of the database is the copyrighted work and design of Slinkworks Software LLC.)

There are detailed tutorials and screen shots found on the support page!